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Crazy games with ex have me spinning


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i'll start this with a link that also contains a link. that's the nature of this situation!




So we discussed that there was no financial way for me to leave before the date i had planned and that we would just have to try to make the best of the situation. I've been doing my best to occupy my time and we even managed a weekend in the mountains without killing each other.


What has my head spinning now is that she seems to have flipped again. Last night she tells me that she loves me and gets all close and snuggles when we are in bed. And i mean close.

This morning, she comes up to hug me before she leaves for work and kisses me. It really caught me off guard and i let her know as much. I asked her what had come over her and she kissed me again.


I really don't know what is going on with her any more.

She has very different ideas about what is appropriate contact with friends (like having sex with them) but we had established that physical intimacy was a boundary not to be approached, let alone crossed while we worked through this time until i leave.


And i know it could all be different again tonight when she gets home from work. It could be back to not being able to look at me or talk to me.



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Do what you can to pass time the best you can while you're there.

Try to keep up the pleasantries.


BUT if I were in your shoes, I dont think I would get involved with this ex again.


Her behavior towards you during your visit has been outrageous at times and (to *me*) an occasional hug session couldnt mend the hurt she inflicted.


I'm sure she's got her merits but she only shows them when it's convenient for her, with very little regard to your feelings.


This, to me, doesnt seem like "passion" -- it is just pure craziness. drama. and i wouldnt put up with it.


Just my two cents.

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believe me when i say that i am guarding my heart.

It's just madness the way she changes like this.


tell me one day that you are not in love with me, never will be and find yourself unable to lift your head to look at me.

few days later, tell me that you love me and try to wrap yourself around me in a truly intimate way.


messed up

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