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Happy 1st Month to my GladysJane :)
Happy 1st Month to my GladysJane :)

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My previous post is here.






Well its been two weeks and I got an email from her today.


"How is everything Gabe.. How do you feel being 23? Did you have a great b-day and did you get my b-day text?"


Sent another right after that without a reply from me.


"I quite smoking!! I haven’t had one in 3 days and all set with it.. I also had the flu and that helped me quit. I told Marc that if he didn’t quit then I don’t think it would work"


"lol.. He said he will quit so we will see.. I will leave you alone now J have a great day and I will get that CD made for you. Hope all ur fam is doing well.. Tell Jerry I said hi for me"


I responded with:


"Hey, I just got back. I blocked my mom in with my car in front of the garage. I had to leave and come back. She is going to pick up my brother at school today. I just got a call from her at 9:40. I made it home on the bike in 12 mins. Moved the car and then back to work in another 20 mins.


Being 23 doesn’t feel any older. I had a great time on my birthday. Thank you for the birthday text even though you sent it on a Thursday and it wasn’t until Saturday. But I can say you were the first one to wish me a happy birthday J. I have been having a good time. Did you see the trophy? Vegas here we come.


That’s great that you quit smoking. When I got the flu back on last March that is what got me to quit. Stay strong. I hope it works out for you. I will tell them that you said hello. I hope your doing well."


She replied:


"Yep seen the trophy.. Heard all about it.. Great job.. I also heard that there are going to be a lot of changes on the pool team!!


Glad you had a wonderful b-day and also ur having a great time in life out of all people u deserve it


Also heard about the new girl and hope she makes you really happy as u made me at one point


Take care Gabe"


After that I didn't reply as much as I really wanted to. I kind of feel like she was trying to get a reaction out of me. Then 20 mins later she sent another email


"You want all the pic’s of us on that CD?"


How do I respond to this? I don't know what she is trying to get at. I am kind of 50 50 with wanting to get back with her and the other half of me is happy this this new girl I started dating.


Just stuck and not sure what her motives are.

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I think she just wants you to boost her ego by saying you want her back or you miss her etc....This way she knows this new girl is nothing compared to her.


Do you really want those pics of you guys on a CD? If it was my ex I would reply with, na thats ok....thank you though, take care. Then stay no contact & keep dating the new girl!

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Just something to have to look back on later in life. She was my first true love.


She just sent me another email saying:


"I have to say that there are some really good pics of us"


I replied with "I could have told you that"


She sent another reply "I looked like the happiest girl ever…wait… I was Then things changed with you


I am so lost. I feel like she is trying to get me to reply with oh it could still be blah blah blah. I feel like she is now coming to terms that I am moving on and her new boyfriend is not the one that can measure up to me so she is afraid that she is going to lose me.

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Well we hung out on Wednesday night to talk. I wanted to be able to just cut myself off from everything and walk away. Well she was telling me that she missed her period for almost two months and thought she was pregnant. When she finally had it she told him and he was really pissed off about it. I see it as he is trying to trap her into having a kid with her and then think that this will mean that she will be with him for the rest of their lives. He just got out of a divorce back in the fall last year. They havn't even been together for more than three months. He wanted her to move in with him right away and wants to start a family now. I tried to get her to open her eyes to what he is trying to do but it doesn't seem to work. Each time I started to walk away she kept on saying please don't go. I miss you, please stay a little longer I never get to see you anymore. I miss hanging out with you. When I finally left she sent me several text messages saying "I would love to make love to you right now". I responded to her with how can you say this to me when you have a boyfriend. It must not be that serious if you are pulling this crap behind his back. She also said that she was thinking about everything that happened and feels really bad for what happened and wished things were different. Well the next moring I get a text from her asking if I have been seeing a new girl. I have been going on several dates. Nothing serious right now. She was like I shouldn't have said that stuff to you. have fun with your new girl she is perfect for you. I told her that all I want was a CD of all of the pictures of us from when we were dating cause we alway put them on her computer, and that good luck with your new boyfriend that is going to you over.


Well I get a text from her last night and she was like one of his friends saw your bike outside her house and that he asked her about it. She said that I was talking with her outside and that I didn't go in. Well this was complete BS. I work with him and he is a manager here. He is a great guy and always respected him. I don't know if I should talk to him outside of work and let him know what has been going on with what she has been saying to me and that we did hangout and talked last night and show him all of the texts that she sent me. I am trying to move on but I feel like when I am at a certain point, she trys to rope me back in.

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