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love ftw


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I got to work yesterday and realized that I had left my lunch and dinner in the fridge at home. I called my bf and asked if he could bring it to me. He was very hesitant, so told him nevermind and that I would just buy something. Two hours later, my boss sent me on my break early. As I was finishing up, my department paged me. I called them back, and my boss said "your lunch is here for you." I went downstairs and found my boyfriend, who had brought my entire meal for me I have been sick and I was having a rough day yesterday. It was busy, I am just getting my voice back, and I was tired. Seeing him just gave me such a boost! It helped me get through the day.

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When I first began to read your thread, I thought you were going to say "I left work early to go home and get my lunch, and there he was with a girl." Funny how bad experiences can cause you to become so negative.


Thank you for posting this. I have hope knowing at least someone, is having a good relationship.

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