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Need your advice!

winter whiteout

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I joined a free online dating site a long time ago and today I saw a man on there that one of my friends wanted me to meet this past winter. My friend is in the theatre and they were in a show together. She did not want to fix us up because if something went wrong she did not want to feel bad so everytime the cast was getting together outside of the show she called me and I either had to work or he was not going to go that night. I was going to meet her and then try to talk to him. I never met him and forgot about him. Now he is on this site and I like his profile and my friend said thumbs up.


My question is how do I approach him? I was going to mention I have a friend who is in the theatre that was in a show this past winter instead of saying I know who he is from her. I think that would make him uncomfortable. What do you think I should do?

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