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Pregnancy scare, he won't talk to me. PLS help me save this!

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Unfortunately a pregnancy scare can bring up a whole bunch of crazy emotions, I went through this back in January, and I went through a complete transformation within a month because I thought my gf at the time was pregnant. Mind u this is a little different because she was most definitely pregnant, + on the test and everything, but when we went for the ultrasound the dates didn't match up and it turned out that she was pregnant when we first started dating, we moved a little too fast I guess, though she had her period when we first started dating.(so I was freaked out over that broken condom for nothing)


So while my situation is different from Craig's, he still probably went through the same panic I went through with the late period, it's extremely stressful for a guy and while women say that men have it easy because we don't have to deal with the physical aspect of being pregnant; for any decent guy the thought of bringing another creature into the world when u aren't quite ready is extremely stressful.


Right now the guy is blowing u off which is messed up, but don't waste ur time trying to analyze his every move, u just need to accept the fact that he doesn't want to be with you right now and that u have better things to do with ur time than worry about him. I'm sure if you just give him time he'll come around.

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