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Im not sure....but i care about you alot....


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been awhile since i have posted here, surprised i still remember my login...


anyway, i went through a bad breakup and got together with an amazing woman however that did not work out. so we decided to break on good terms and remain friends.


That was about 2 months ago...since then i have been with someone else, really gorgeous and beautiful...there was such strong chemistry between us...we decided to take it slow but after 2 weeks i was with her every day...it was fun. then about 3 weeks later she said we should slow down because we seeing to much of each other and she is worried she will get tired of me, i completley agreed and stayed away for 2 nights until she asked me to stay over again, * * * ?


Too cut a long story short i ask her today "are you still crazy about me?" why did i ask? because i felt things were different..her response"not sure....but i care about you alot..."


i told her "i understand" and she responded, "hey!im not breaking up with you im just not sure what i feel about us at the moment". now * * * must i do this is bollocks.



i dont know how to take that or what she wants but i feel the best thing from my side is to break it off because of the feeling/feelings i get from her..(trust me not much).


fcuk its complicated.



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Your reaction now will likely determine how she feels in the near future. If you think this girl is worth it, you need to show her that you're confident and secure and that your feelings will not change if it takes her a few months to come around. She will be looking for your reaction to her uncertainty...if you're wavering at this point, how can she trust that it will be ok once she puts her heart and soul into building a relationship? Be the kind of person you wish she could be - sure and steady. The problem is, it means a lot of investment on your part...if you think she's worth it. If you have the chemistry and assuming there aren't big huge red flags that you are both ignoring, it will work out.

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