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Neighbors kids Q


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Today I saw the 17 year old make a very dangerous move while driving, he locked up the emergency brake, to spin to the left, and really flew into his folks driveway. There is a 4 foot ditch on all sides...he could have been seriously hurt.


The problem is, that when I let the parents know that their kids do stuff like this, they blow it off. "Oh, David said it wasn't as dramatic as you say."


So the question is...do I mention it, or not? And how am I going to feel if I don't, and he gets hurt, or worse next time?


This is a series of risky behaviour...tipping a go-kart over in the middle of a busy road, getting flipped over in a 4-wheeler, smashing up a snowmobile. And the parents always buy them a new one.

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Parents like that need to be smacked then they wonder why they are having to rush to the emergency room to say goodbye to their child because they were killed in an accident.


I'd mention something to the parents and if they blow it off then atleast you can rest assured that you did your part. Also if they keep doing dangerous things like you mention contact the police department the things you mention aren't only dangerous for the ones doing it but also other innocent people.

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This isn't uncommon for a 17 yr old boy. If he is that reckless you might want to ask him not to drive like that around the neighborhood. If your son starts getting rides from him then it might be a bigger issue.

If the parents actions over the years lead you to believe they won't do anything you might want to let it go.



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As an eighteen year old I can safely say that by telling him to stop you'll just make it worse. He'll just get offended and do it more often, to show that you have no authority over him.


Only option you have is to go tell the parents again. If it doesn't work try to keep some distance between your son and the seventeen year old so he isn't involved in any crashes.


In high school I had a friend that sounds quite similar to the one that you're describing so I'm speaking from experience.

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Would you consider ringing the police on him? Not only is he going to badly injure himself, he may injure or kill someone from his reckless behaviour.I think that his parents are not being very responsible. You have spoke to them and they have brushed it off. Leave it in the hands of the police.

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I might make an anonymous call to the Police and have them give the kid a visit. Of course, since you've already spoken to the parents, they might suspect it was you that called the PoPo.


That being said, it isn't too uncommon of a behavior. I never did THAT many crazy things, never got a ticket, and never destroyed anything, but I did tend to squeal the back tires of my Mustang as I made a U-turn to head toward my house. My mom's friend lives at that intersection and they called my folks, saying I was burning out. Parents didn't even need to scold me, just told me their friend told them, and my guilt took over. LOL I stopped.

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