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Dream About Past Crush While Greiving Loved One?

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I feel kind of reluctant to post this because it's kind of embarrassing, but I feel a need to get it out there.


Ok, here goes---



While I was with my fiance, I had a crush on another woman my age. She happened to be in all of my college classes and used to smile at me a lot. We had everything in common so I felt a deep bond with her. We started becoming good friends and I got the impression that she "liked" me. She was very shy and quiet in class, but she'd always want to be my partner for projects, she'd look into my eyes for a long time, laugh at my weak jokes, and stand so close to me that we would be touching. We went out (to the zoo, movies) a couple times and barely even talked. But she said she liked being with me and wanted to spend more time together, so when we graduated college, we kept in touch almost everyday through email. It was a weird time.


Anyway, my fiance knew how I felt about this woman. He didn't like it but he put up with it. I eventually decided it wasn't healthy for me to carry on a friendship like this because it was leading to an emotional affair so I stopped talking to her for my ex's sake. At that time, he was also talking to his co-worker about hypothetical sex, so I felt like were even in that regard.



I had a sensual, romantic dream about my friend/girl crush. I can't believe I am dreaming of her while I'm grieving my ex! Now I wonder what would have happened if I would have pursued her.


It's the weirdest thing. I don't love her...I love my ex. But my infatuation with her was intense. I've had other girl crushes (and guy crushes) but nothing like with her.


It's just so weird---besides this girl, my fiance is the only person I've been infatuated with in the last 10 years!


Does anyone dream of intense crushes from the past while grieving their ex? Where the heck do they come from?


Just wanted to get that out! ...I feel much better...

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It's weird because I sorta understand what you're going through. My situation is a little different. Before I met my ex, I had a crush on this guy who I never really talked to but we always stared at each other and made googoo eyes at each other all the time. He goes to my church and I see him almost every Sunday. Sometimes I wish I had the guts or he had the guts to talk to me because if we hooked up, I would have never gotten with this jerk of an ex who left me. What's funny is I know he likes me but he seems very shy. Sometimes he sits next to me and gives me a handshake, I think it's cute. But the funny part is, we never talked. I guess because I was too shy as well.


Now I'm sorta thinking about this crush again, but my feelings for him has faded. But it's like I think I'm trying to force those feelings for that crush back in hopes of getting over this current ex. Which I don't think is very healthy for me to do. I don't know about you but I think it's just our way of trying to get over our ex's to think about other people, in hopes of getting over our current heartbreak. I could be wrong..

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I had a couple of dreams about one my big crushes who I hadn't seen for years whilst I was recovering from the breakup. This girl was ideal for me in every single way but I was too damn shy to tell her! She liked me too but neither of us made the move (I still kick myself about it now)


I would like to know what these dreams mean too.

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