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When do you know you've gotten over it?

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For me, three things.


1. I no longer think about the person (ex) in a particularly positive or negative way...they have become someone quite neutral, while the memories remain, they're not emotionally charged the way they once were in the weeks and months following the initial breakup. and


2. I find myself falling in love again and being emotionally available to someone else who seems much better for me than my ex(s).


3. No longer feeling a need to journal or be here on ENA. My life has grown and developed (or did I should say out of my breakup of 2 years ago) to include much more than being in "survival mode" and having the need to write/process so much of the intial longing and pain of the breakup.


I'm back in that place again however, as the relationship I'd found 6 months ago (and was very excited about) abruptly ended two weeks ago. I can honestly say I'm completely over my ex of 2 years ago now, as I ironically experience some of the same pain I felt then for this most recent ex. Uggg!

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