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been 4 months NC and...

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I have to say i think im over my ex for the most part. I dont even hold any grudges/anger/longing for her to talk to me. She has been being rather childish.


I had gotten rid of social networking sites for the bulk of the NC, and i just now decided lets go back, why am i still letting her think she is getting to me by staying away. So i reactivate and update my profile, and ill admit i gave one last peek at her profile - not realizing she was online - and as soon as i came back she limited my ability to view her profile haha.


As if im some sort of stalker who is logging on just to look at her stuff. Well she wasnt going to stop me from keeping my profile so i finally decided to just remove her from my friends completely. I felt proud because i never thought id be able to say "you know what i dont want her on my profile anymore" haha - i hope it doesnt sound like i am telling you guys simply to boast about things. Im just ranting and wanted to let you all know that it does get better.


Maybe once she grows up she'll get in touch, but until then im going to be the bigger person and for me? - its on to bigger and better things. You dont need your EX people. Even if you think you'll die without them, trust me, you will be fine.


Im sure shes mad at me or something because I havent talked to her, but it works both ways so she could get in touch with me if she wanted.


She loved me once when nothing phased me, and now that person is coming back - and its likely too late for her. I dont think i would consider reconciliation any longer. Call me bitter or whatever, its cool and i dont mind.


any thoughts or criticisms let me know please.

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Thanks guys, i appreciate your support, and its been great getting/giving advice from/to you all.


and for Raos, We were together for 2 1/2 years - broke up because i wasnt emotional/didnt think i cared enough, I was her first everything so she is quite inexperienced when it comes to relationships. And ive come to realize I have to let her go completely so she can explore on her own other men and see what it is like.


I've learned much about myself/her, and I'll use this experience to learn from and develop even more as a person. Although I would have liked to not mess it up, its too late now and nothing will change for the moment.


Life is risk and I look forward to hitting the dating scene again...

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