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What's next after 1st date?

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I often have the same problem of having a very good 1st date with guys I found on Internet but then nothing happen afterward.

The conversation was good, joyfull, laughing, talking, no deadly silent moment. However, most of the times, guys don't call me back or stay in touch...or reply mail/chat with the content like... you are a very nice girl BUT...blah blah blah...

I just wonder what's wrong with that and is there any tip to know or at least have the best guess on what's next?


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the only thing you can do, i think, is go with your gut. just bc there is good conversation, things in common, and laughter, doesnt mean there is a connection.


just be aware of the subtle signs. just bc you have a lot of smiling and eye contact doesnt mean there is an attraction/connection, but you should be able to tell the difference bw a friendly stare and an excited/romantic one.

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