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23 days of NC and he texted....

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I was on vacation last week and it really helped distract me and the NC was going really well. When I got home on Saturday night though, it kinda hit me hard and I was really suffering with it. I probably cried most of Saturday and Sunday night. On Monday morning, I talked to my sister about how I was feeling and that really helped, but then at 11:30, I got a text from him. It was completely random and said nothing....to be exact it said "effin' realtors suck". I think he's been trying to buy a house or something. I don't even understand what that is supposed to mean. He was just baiting me...to see if I would answer and noooooo, I didn't fail him. Three hours later, after reading that idiotic text a million times, I answered it with "why?". He didn't respond. I guess he just wanted to see if I would answer. I'm so disappointed in myself.

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