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Girl im interested in


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There is a girl in at the police academy who im interested in, however i dont know if she is interested in me (she looked my way a fair bit one night, apart from that nothing) so anyway the best way for me to find out is to ask. But i dont really see her often walking around, and if i do its with her friends. Good News is we do have lectures together, but she always sits with her close friend. More Good news is her close friend is in my class (or tutorials). Her friend is weird though, in the sense that she is nice but can be a b**** at the same time. Obviously im not going to get her friend to put in a word for me because, well its an instant deal breaker in my opinon.


So what do you think would be my best plan of attack?

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Yeah man, to me it sounds like the first thing u need to overcome is the fear of rejection. So that's it, my work here is done lol! But seriously, u need to just swallow ur fear and just talk to her about whatever. Maybe make a joke, or poke fun at her earings, shirt whatever, most of the time it doesn't matter what u say, just how u say it. U need to weigh out this situation and realize this, if u do nothing, nothing is gonna happen, girls get hit on all the time so they don't need to go and approach guys, and u need to be ok with the fact that she may completely blow u off...realize this, it's her loss

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