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uugggh whats wrong?! so frustrated


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so lately it seems that i havent been able to get wet during foreplay and before sex. i have the desire to have sex, but i cant get wet and its becoming really frustrating. i never seem to get wet until the middle of sex. during foreplay it seems like i get more dry than before we even started. whats the problem?????

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I believe that dryness is not an uncommon problem. It depends on age, how long you have been with your current partner, how much stress is in your life, how hot things are in the moment you have sex, and whatnot..


Me and my girlfriend have started to have dryness problems a few months ago, because (a) we don't have time for proper foreplay, (b) we're dealing with a lot of stress at the moment, © sex is not a novelty anymore.


The problem usually gets solved if we have plenty of 69 action prior to penetration.. or if we have a bit of KY Jelly at hand..


I don't think you should be frustrated. It's normal.. vaginas and penises are not supposed to salivate like our mouths do..

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did you start any type of hormonal birth control? I had bad dryness problem from Nuvaring. Other than that, dryness is and has been a foreign land to me to this day. A lot of women experience a drop in sex drive from hormonal birth control (I did). Do you feel "in the mood"?

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How old are you? Sometimes a factor sometimes not.


I'm only 24 and a month or 2 ago I was going through a dry spell much like what you describe! For no apparant reason I just wouldn't get wet! Maybe the first time or 2 I wasn't in it, then I noticed, then there was pressure, then frusteration. I think that made it worse. Then I didn't even want it becasue I felt "broken".


Nothing changed, I was on the pill for years, constant sex, I just don't know what happened... no wetness until half way through but I still wouldn't cum.


Eventually we went a week or so without it, and by that time I was honry as could be and just his touch turned me on. I just let everything go, and let it all feel good. I guess I was stressed, and this time I relaxed and just had fun- as it was meant to be. I think it took a while to get wet but he put lube on his hands prior to that... and lube just feels good... so I went with it. Low and hehold, I came. After that I was "fixed".


Advice: relax, use lube... it's fun!

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