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My Walk


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I walked into the forest because I wanted to see the trees,


I wanted to hear the voices of the infinite creatures of the night,


I walked into the clearing because I wanted to be alive and free,


I see so much beauty all around, the night is dark, yet all is bright.




I walked up the mountain because I wanted to see a landscape new,


I wanted to forget all things I once would fear,


I walked to the summit because I wanted to seek the highest view,


I see now a world below me so distant, yet all is now wonderful and clear.




I walked to the sea because I wanted to see waters so blue,


I wanted to search for something hidden beneath the wondrous seas,


I walked the sands of time because I wanted to live for each moment true,


I see the passing ships of days gone by, thinking of those ahead as I walk into the breeze.




I walked into the storm because I wanted to feel its eternal might,


I wanted to feel the wind and rain as I sought new paths to follow,


I walked through the hazardous torrent, my heart summoning its will to fight,


I see now my journey ahead as I prepare to embrace my challenges of tomorrow.

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