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Got drunk, hit on friend with boyfriend, now friendless?


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LOL I feel weird posting this on the internet, but it's been bothering me so much. I've been severely depressed.


I was drinking with friends the other night. It was really the first time I've drank with that group of friends (and the first time I've drank in awhile). I kind of went overboard and got pretty smashed... I was at least more smashed than any of my friends. I remember parts of the evening, but most of it is a blur. I thought we all had a good time.


Then I talked to one of my friends at the party... it turns out that I was an obnoxious jerk. I drank waaay too much and got loud and obnoxious and was annoying the crap out of everyone. BUT to make matters worse, I kept hitting on my one friend the entire night. She has a boyfriend who was AT THE PARTY, and apparently I was hitting on her while he was sitting next to us on the same couch. She was severely creeped out by me and come ons, and I supposedly killed the buzz at the party.


Now the friend I kept hitting on is creeped out by me and doesn't want anything to do with me, her boyfriend is probably hella pissed at me, and even my other friends think I'm a creeper. The past two days I've felt completely friendless. Everyone thinks I'm a creep. They even want to not go on some roadtrips we've planned for the summer. I don't want my social life to be ruined and lose friends over something I did that I can't even remember. I also don't want my friends to have to choose between me and my other friend... what can I do? Is there anything I can do to fix the situation? I tried apologizing, but my friends still think I'm a creep.


LOL knowing my luck one of my friends is probably reading this right now. I just need advice... I feel like crap. And I don't know who to talk to right now.

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I know it will hurt, but apologize to everyone. What do you have to lose besides some ego and pride? You hurt your relationship with your friends, you need to sacrifice a little to repair those friendships.


If they are real friends and solid people they will see the sincerity in the apology and try to help you out.


Unfortunately even if you apologize it still might not work out completely as a lot of people aren't mature enough to recognize someone who is sorry (I have found that most people refuse to ever apologize for anything).


One of the toughest things I ever had to learn was to recognize when I was wrong and try to make amends. It hurts, always will. Even if you do the right thing it is not always met with a positive response, but you can take solace in knowing you are a mature person who can recognize his own faults even if they reject your overtures (which is sad if they don't, its the easiest thing in the world to forgive someone).

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Oh you poor thing. That sucks. Maybe you could say sorry one more time and really mean it and it they still think you are a creep tell them that you thought they were better friends then that and would understand how bad you feel! It's so hard to feel so upset and sorry over something you can't remember. I have done something very similar. I went to a party several years ago and this guy was being a real sexest a-hole so I slapped him and then I slapped the host of the party. I didn't remember any of is until I went to work a few days later.. I still feel bad about it but I am actually still cool with those guys and they were never my close friends. Your friends should really be more supportive. give it time and don't feel so bad!

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First, you need to apologize. Being the creepy drunk guy is no fun for anyone. Let them know it wasn't your intention and apologize and clear the air.


Second, maybe you should either not drink anymore or drink a lot less. Especially if you can't control yourself when drinking.


Definitely apologize to your friends and the girl's boyfriend.

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