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Just Saw Ex-Boyfriend Online - OUCH it hurts

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Just signed in to facebook chat and saw ex-boyfriend online. Quickly signed out and closed my browser. My breath was caught in my chest.


Had to go in here and vent, and recompose myself. It's been 53 days of NC. He hasn't called and I have not kept in touch in any way.


My throat feels like it's closed and my chest hurts. My eyes burn. I thought I was going to marry this person. I was so so sure. I can't stop this stinging pain.

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I know how you feel...loving someone only for it not to work out has to be one of the most painful experiences in life other than the death of a loved one. Hon, life will go on and someday a wonderful man will come and you will be very happy...just be happy with yourself and positive things will follow...we must all get up from the dust and ride again...lots of hugs to you!


Go out get your nails and hair done, get a facial, hit the gym, buy a nice pair of shoes and cute outfit, and take your journal go somewhere peaceful and write in it everything you feel...just feel good today because you won't get this day back.

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Yeah, I've been there too. I signed onto Yahoo, by mistake really as I only really use MSN, and he was on there. He wasn't on MSN where he knows I would be. I figured I was either blocked or he had signed on to Yahoo in the hope of avoiding me. Either way, when he saw that I had signed on he immediately signed out (or blocked me). Boy, did that hurt!! I broke NC then grrrrrrr!! I've now blocked and deleted him on both!!

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