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Mixed signals - how do you tell if someone likes you?


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so how do i gauge if this girl really likes me or is sticking around because she is bored or whatever?


the signs that she likes me:

*we contact each other every day - usuallly a couple of texts/messages

*she has initiated plans a number of times - call me naive but I believe by her initiating plans shows that she has some interest


signs that make me unsure

* she has cancelled plans a few times (usually because she is tired or something has come up) - the cancelations are usually early in the day and not last minute if that matters

* I am used to girls telling me they like me straight out - she hasn't

* Other than a little cuddling, or resting her head on my shoulder/holding my arm etc, there hasn't been any real physical interaction (when we first started to hang out she did mention that it takes her really long to get phsyical with anyone and it took her months before doing anything with her ex, which was her only real relationship - they were together for 6 years and broke up a few years ago)

* we've been hanging out for a couple of months and it seems like things aren't really progressing


any insight? am i being friend zoned? I dont think I am but am not sure. I'm just really confused

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