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TwiSted confusing situation please help

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. within in the past year i have broken up.....went through hell and back with my ex and now we are back together again and i am still lost.


BRIEF OVERVIEW: broke up with the ex last may after two years because i was not happy but still deeply in love with him. within one month he had a new gf and everything, which i didnt find out until two months after they had been together, i wanted him back realized he wasnt having that all bc he met someone else. I was still there from july through october. we were still talking he was telling me he loved me all while he was with someone else. i even found out that he was trying to move her in have a baby with her, and get engaged and they had only been together for 4 months. Basically he was having his cake and eating it too while stringing me along their whole relationship. finally i said enough is enough and i told him that if he didnt leave this other girl alone that i was gone for good and that i didnt need to see or speak with him ever again. He then breaks up with her immediately and we ended up getting back together.


I am just soooo lost and confused. i think i am more hurt than anything, i never thought the person who claimed he loved me sooo much would hurt me in the manner he did. its hard to let go everything that went on because i feel as though i am ruined by it. he let someone else have part of him....and he is like my other half. our relationship suffers greatly because i am still stuck on the past which he says. but i dont think i am stuck....just truly hurt! what do i do???? its been 7 months since we got back together and i am still lost.

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i broke up with him bc at one point i felt as though the respect was gone. i was upset because if u truly love a person as much as he said he did. then u dont go and get another gf one month after a 2.5 year relationship just doesnt happen that quick

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Trust me it happens. Some people tend to try to fill that empty void where you once were pretty quickly. It doesn't always work in most cases but it a coping mechanism some people rely on. My ex was talking to guys a week after our break up ( possibly a week before). And dating mere weeks after. She wanted sympathy and people to tell her what she did was right and of course guys that were interested were probably stroking her ego.


I would really communicate how you feel to your BF and see if you can talk through this barrier which you seem to be stuck behind.

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