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Trying my best not to freak out here...

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Thanks. I'm trying not to panic. I keep thinking very positive thoughts.


Good. Just think positive things. I know you're going to stay freaked out until you see your doc, I would too. So, just do something to occupy your mind and fill the time between now and tomorrow. Try to keep busy and pre-occupied.

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Stay cool I had to have an ultrasound a few years back because I had a cluster of small lumps in one breast. They turned out to be minor cysts, and they eventually went away by themselves.


It's good that you've gone to a doctor and not just kept it to yourself in a panic. Just remember there are several harmless things it could be instead of anything serious

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Thanks for your posts, you all. I know I shouldn't think about what it may be, and just wait until I see what the Dr. says. It's hard not to let my mind go to the "C" word. JEEZ!


It's just that nowadays you hear about it so much!


Like I said, I am thinking positive until I am proven otherwise.

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I had a small one, turned out to be fatty tissue.


Do you have a history of breast cancer in the family?


My mom had a lumpectomy several years ago, it turned out to be benign, which is why I am staying positive. I just had a mammogram in December '08, so I think it would be unusual for something bad to just appear in 5 months, right?

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I had minor cysts also..i woke up one morning, showered, and dropped the soap when i found my lump.


All was fine after my ultrasound. My lump disappeared after a few days.


That's awesome info Portage...thanks, that does help to put my mind at ease...

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I found a lump in my breast 2 years ago. Was too scared to do anything about it and I kept it to myself for two years. Two months ago I found a different one, and I decided it was time to go to the doctor. They both were cysts and nothing to worry about. You'll be fine!!! good luck

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