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Questions about my major that I can't get answers to

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I'm 24 turning 25 and have been a veterinary medicine major for the past few years . The field has intrigued me for most of my life and I comfortablly average a 3.5 GPA.


However, about 1 1\2 years ago my brother in law who is a business tycoon got me involved in one of his projects. It's a very successful nightclub.


My brother in law and I are beginning a new business together and there is promise of good money as well as a future in business.


I have learned a decent amount of the business world and have been hanging around many other successful business men whose foundation was through business not from school (ironically). As time has gone on I have began to lose a little bit of interest in my major, and have gotten much more into business. By the way I am not interested in a business degree, as I already have a foundation of business men teaching me and helping me out.


The problem is, I'm turning 25 and I'm not fascinated by any major or career that schools offer anymore. I don't want to be that guy that is 30 and still undecided on what major to study.


The answer about following my passion is very difficult now as there is no passion in any major school has to offer.


The biggest cons about my major that intimidate me are I don't like chemistry and this is a big part of this major, I go to a Cal State and it's very hard to get into classes due to budget cuts and I might graduate alot later than I'd hope for, and most importantly getting into vet school is more difficult than any other school as there are only 2 in my state and a handful nation wide.


I would really appreciate any type of insight or advice on what to do. Thank you

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If you don't have a passion for it - veterinary medicine... then I would advise you not to pursue it... you will be miserable.


The cost of a vet med education these days is quite astounding... and compared to the pay you'll make your first few years you will feel it isn't worth it unless you have passion for it. You'll be paying for that education for many years to come.


Also - night clubs come and go... as do many resturants... most are lucky to break even at the end of the day and a few make a quick buck and are gone. So I wouldn't rely on that for long term lucrative income. However, if you feel you have a knack for business why not pursue it? You can only be successful in something you enjoy or believe in.


I've often found that if someone is questioning the decision to go to vet school then it isn't the choice for them - they feel unfulfilled... and often drop out at some point.


Don't be afraid to try different things. Take a few business classes or what not. You have plenty of time to find yourself at 25.


Good Luck

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I work with a girl who got carried a straight 4.0 all through her undergraduate years. She STILL could not get into a vet school in this state. She had to go to Washington State. Vet school is next to impossible to get into if you are a native Californian. They much prefer out-of-state student (higher tuition). I mean, she never got below an A in all three Calc classes, Animal Science classes, Bio, she even got an A+ in O Chem! It's tough out there.

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I agree with CatsMeeow.....you're going to regret it if you don't pursue what you're passionate about. Depending on how much longer you have to go to finish your degree, it may pay to stick it out and finish your degree before you pack it in and call it a day. Holding a degree gives you more credibility and more flexibility, no matter what field you want to be in. However, if you have two years or more before you graduate, why not switch to a business degree? There's nothing that says you have to get a bachelor's either--a lot of small colleges offer really decent business management degrees in two or three years.


My best suggestion is that, if you and your brother-in-law want to be successful in your new business, then you need to seek out and take advice from people who have been successful in business.

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