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My dad's drinking really hurts me :(


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He says really offensive and vulgar things out of nowhere and looks at me like he wants to rip me apart. I can't respond to anything he says without him threatening to call the police on me. I really miss my cats, and he makes up this really long fake list of all the people who are glad they're gone. He says he only wants one daughter now, not me, and that no one will ever want to marry me (though he's been throwing that at me since I was 12). This is just one night of it, and it's night after night. I don't understand why the alcohol creates such a monster. ](*,) He tends to attack me when my mom is at work. He usually does it to her instead when she is around.


I know I should move out, but I'm on break from college right now and I truly have nowhere else to go at the moment. I do make it a habit to stay away from him, but there's no lock on my door and he stumbles into my room and starts saying nasty things. I know I should ignore him, but I just start crying and my head starts spinning.


I don't mean to be whiny. I guess I just need help feeling better about this emotionally. Thank you for reading.

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Does he drink on a daily basis and get abusive? If it's daily, then it sounds like he's a full blown alcoholic.


Have you ever considered attending an AA meeting? It's not only for alcoholics, but also for their family. You can get a lot of support from other people who are in the same situation and understand what you are going through.


Wish you well.

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He's been drinking 1 to 2 cases of beer (I guess up to 24 cans) every single night since I've been old enough to be aware of it.


Oh I didn't realize AA supports families too. I know he would never go himself because he doesn't think he has any problems and that it's just us.


Thank you.

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