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So she invited me to go camping with her... Good Sign, maybe?


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Well the girl I like at work, invited me to go camping with her on the Canda Day long weekend. I think this is a good sign. So hopefully, things will work out and we can go.


But now I'm confused, I don't know if I should ask her out or not. I asked her to go bowling the other day and she said yea, we still have to set up a day. But I dont know now if I should make my move or not.

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If she said 'yes' then set a day with her.


Is it just the two of you going camping?



She said yea she wanted to go bowling. I need to talk to her again because when I asked her we were both in kinda a rush.


There is going to be 4 of us total going camping. Me, her and two of our co-workers.

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We spoke about this again today. The list has grown. Apparently, the initial invite came from another one of our coworkers and her boyfriend. So she invited the girl I like at work, and told her to invite me. Then my coworkers boyfriend invited the other two guys.


But I'm going bowling with her definatly. We spoke about it today and she is just going to let me know what day works for her.

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Well yea I think it might be just a friendy camping session. Bowling is set for next Thursday cause that's when it works out good for her. She's in university and her university was on strike so still in school for another few weeks, so I gotta work around her school and work schedule, for me I'm doing nothing w

With my life so I'm free almost anytime.

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In just over one month, June 26-29. We've planned it for the Canada Day long weekend, but Canada's day falls in the middle of the week and not on a weekend, so its the weekend before. I pretty much have my graduation ceremony one day and the next day I leave for camping.

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