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Got caught smoking pot..

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im a sophomore in highschool, earlier today i got caught by my dad and he grounded me for 4 weeks.. ive been caught once before almost a year ago and i really dont want to be grouded right now becuase the school year is coming to a close. i suppose im okay with the punishment but how can i talk to my parents and let them know that im not a disappoint to them and possibly get them to ease up a little..

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Sorry, but if I caught my child doing drugs, there would be no way of 'easing' me up.


You would be grounded for a lot longer than 4 weeks.


Maybe you should think over your actions and apologise to them, and promise never to do it again?

I think that'd be more effective than "Hey, ease up! It's only drugs!"

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Just tell them that curiosity got the best of you, you tried it and don't like it, and make them believe that drugs is something you want nothing to with, you can even go as far as to tell them it was peer pressure, or that cigarettes are worse than weed.


That may work, if this wasn't the second time he has been caught doing it...


Just take your 4 weeks of punishment and quit smoking pot as long as you are living in your parents house.

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I'd think if you take the punishment without trying to wrangle out of it this time (especially since it's the second time it's happened) and then approach them to discuss it of your own accord, you could have an opportunity to make some headway.


You are lucky to have parents who care enough to set boundaries. You might not appreciate that now, but in the future - they are working to save you so much grief in your life.

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Apologize (whether or not you think you're in the wrong) and go about it in a mature way.


IMO, grounding a teen for smoking pot isn't going to do any bit of good. Is the fact that you're grounded for a short period of time going to send off warning signals the next time you want to do it? More than likely, no. They should instead be asking you questions and TALKING to you about it, rather than pretending they have control over your choices by grounding you. But like I said, that's my opinion.


That could be a plan of action for you, however. Sit down and talk with them about it (I repeat, maturely), ask them questions, let them ask you questions. Did you get grounded because it was affecting school/behavior/mood? Or was it simply because you got caught?


Either way, the key to getting through these things with parents is keeping open, honest communication about them.

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naw it was just cuz i got caught, im an a- student and a great athlete.. and i dont have very many problems with my parents... i feel awkward even approaching them to talk about it, just bringing it up is awkward and everything i say they dont believe me. they are repeatedly talking about getting caught by the police like if i got caught i wouldnt go to college or get a decent job etc... i just need to figure out a way to talk to them and get them to believe me b/c i really am not gonna smoke for a looong time.. i just want them to be on my side again.. im fine with the punishment, i deserve it. i just want this guilt and awkwardness to go away

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