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She said maybe.....


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OK, let me start off by saying that we have been friends for only a few months. She is a good friend but would like to pursue this even further if its possible. Just kinda confused is all.


We ended up going out for drinks last night, went and picked her up and went to the bar. We had a great time.


Two weeks ago, she asked me to go to a concert with her in July since we are both fans. I said yes and bought the tickets yesterday when they went on sale. I paid for them since she is struggling a bit financially, she said "I will pay you back for the ticket and 1/2 the hotel when I start making more money and get caught up on bills". That's when i said, she wouldn't have to pay me back if this was gonna be a "date". All she said was maybe for the second time, I brought it up two weeks ago as well.... Now I'm not gonna jump and think this is a no or a yes, just confused I guess. I spent the night at her place last night so I didn't have to drive home after drinking, on the couch though. Even got a kiss before going to sleep. That could have been a "I'm drunk kiss" though. That's why I don't get the whole maybe bit. I'm probably reading too much into it but she is an amazing woman and would really like to know if I stand a chance.


Any chance here or am I over thinking this too much? Thanx.

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I'd be very careful because she'll string you along. If a woman even gets the slightest hint that a guy will pay for her and all she has to do is give the appearance of a possible relationship she'll string you along because she doesn't respect you.

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I appreciate the responses, thanx.


Yeah, it's confusing to say the least. I was actually surprised by the invite to the concert, more out of the blue than anything. It was just something that grabbed my attention the other night when we were out. I was paying attention to any signals she might have been giving out. For example; when we were talking, I had her undivided attention, there was no glancing around the room. Maintained a strong level of eye contact throughout the night as well as the playing hitting that was involved when I teased her on occasion.


If it's just friends, so be it. However, I would certainly hope for more along with way if that is even a possibility.

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