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I asked for number, but instead was asked for my card.. Is this a good sign?


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Ok here goes.


I finally met this girl today that I saw about a year ago that I never met face to face. My friend says shes hard to get because of her parents. My philosophy: chain a dog to a tree and it will find a way out. So today I walked up to her after a meeting we were both at and introduced myself and she smiled and told me her name. Just as beautiful as she was a year ago. Anyway....


At this point i felt a little less nervous so I asked her if this was her family while pointing to her sister and her little brother. She introduced them. So then I said "what do you do for fun on the weekends"? She just smiled and said not much today, I said, "no i meant what do you usually do for fun?" she just kind of smiled and slyly laughed.


At this point I didnt understand what was funny so I kind of smiled too. and said "you dont seem quite sure" then I said "well me and my friends sometimes hang out, can I get your contact information so i can call you sometime?" I felt stupid saying contact information.


She then said " how about I get your card?" I gave her my card and she looked at it and stopped smiling and said "Is this what you do for a living" I said yes and told her to feel free to call or email me.


I really wasent expecting her to have a friendly smile. But is her asking for my card instead of me getting her number a bad sign? I hope she at lest texts me. I feel like she knows a little more about me since i gave her the card instead of me just taking her number.

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Yeah, now I'm curious what you do for a living. Maybe she was surprised.


Wouldn't necessarily think her asking for the card is a bad sign. It could be as Annie said, or simply to learn a bit more about you quickly and easily. Some people like to know a bit more and take more warming up before deciding they want to exchange numbers.

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I actually prefer giving out my business card or getting one from a guy, so it might not be a bad sign. It just feels like it adds credibility?


For her, I don't know, you put the ball in her court now. Now you need to wait and see if she calls.

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nothing you can do now but wait for a call or email.


although to be honest, if a girl doesn't give me her number when I ask for it, I usually take it as they're not that into me. (which can change, of course)...but it makes it very hard to 'take the lead' and call her, when you don't have her number. Personally, when this happens to me, I pretty much immediately lose interest, since in my opinion, there are tons of good-looking girls out there, and there's no point in starting at a disadvantage (i.e. trying to 'develop' an attraction) when I usually don't have trouble getting at least a couple phone numbers, or being introduced by friends.

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Oh yeah im a cartographer for a county IT department.


Its funny someone asked is english her second language, her parents are spanish, so i guess shes a spanish girl. But i assumed she spoke english, she sounds like she speaks it fluently. shes in her early 20's i believe. I really dont think thats it. but good point.

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I'd be hopeful in that she at least has your number, but I would put it as a bad sign to be honest. Why?

Well it just seems to follow one of those let-down tactics. She gets your number instead so she doesn't have to give hers ... so it's no problem if she never calls.


Ah well, either way in her court?

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