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Stay in touch during vacation time?


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Okay, so I had a question... I have been dating this guy for two months. We talk every day. He has said that he really likes me and cares for me. He went on vacation this past Wednesday to visit a male relative who is getting married soon. And he wanted to spend some quality time with him alone before his relative tied the knot. So he got there (vacation destination) on Thursday and we haven't talked since. He is flying back tonight though...


So even though I know that he wanted to spend alone time with his close relative (they grew up together) I can't help but feel a little down that he didn't try to communicate with me at all. Please do note that we are not exclusive yet, but I can see us going that route in the future.


The only communication we have had during this trip he is in was on Thursday morning when I sent him a text saying that I hope his flight had gone well. He responded soon after that he was having a lot of fun and that he was enjoying the city, and that he "would try to give me a call later " So it's now Sunday and nothing. He has always been super consistent.


I know this is due to his trip, so that is why I wanted to ask if it's usual to not contact the person you are dating and "really like" when you are on vacation??Any input will be appreciated.

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I was on vacation two-three weeks ago. I told my boyfriend I would *try* to call him but I was only able to send him a text letting him know that I had a safe flight.

After that, I was just so busy that I didn't get a chance to call him or text him. So he didn't hear from me for two weeks but that was only because I was really busy with other things, spending time with my relatives and just having fun.

That doesn't mean that I didn't miss him, I simply didn't get the time to talk and he understood. So I don't think you should worry about it. I'm sure he misses you and you can talk to him when he comes back.

He'll like you more for being so understanding.

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Well, he just called me from the airport, was about to get on the airplane and said he would call me back when he lands. He also apologized for not having called. Apparently, he forgot his phone charger when he went from one city to another (went to a couple of cities in Texas). Hmmm...

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see, there you go. i think you shouldn't really bring it up, because i think it makes you look too needy. i mean, you're not his wife! i think it's good that he called you from the airport and i can believe that he lost his phone charger, that happens all the time. instead, just sound happy when he does call and i bet he will really appreciate it.

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Thanks Annie... He called a second time from the airport, and said he would do again when he got home. I didn't mention anything about this, and when he apologized for not having called I told him to not worry about it, that it was okay. And I sounded my usual cheerful self.

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