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At what point do you start using/being called pet names?


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Been out on a few dates with this guy, things seem to be progressing really well--we have a blast together in person, talk every day, hang out frequently. We were hanging out at my house last night and I noticed he called me "baby" a lot; as in "I have to go, baby.", but he used it at least 3 times during the evening. Which for some reason, stuck out in my mind. He's never said it before, though he'll call me "lady" and "ma'am"--haha.


This was our fourth date, by the way. It just seems like, for me in the past, those types of names are saved for later, or even after exclusitivity. Maybe, I'm wrong or overthinking it, I've just never heard it so soon. We've never slept together or been intimate more than kissing. Do you use/have these types of names used early in dating?

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I've noticed I end up calling my boyfriends 'baby' or 'sweetheart' once we've been together a while.


With my current man it was funnier because we had a conversation near the start of us getting together where he expressed the view that couples who called each other baby and darling and honey all the time were too soppy.


Funny how now he calls me baby more than he uses my name

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