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I'm Sorry, But Who The Heck Do You Think You Are? (Rant)

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I cried today. I cried yesterday while out with my family. Why? Because the ex decides "Hey, I'm gonna ruin her life even more by reappearing back in her life."


Not sure if everyone caught up with my updates as of late, but pretty much my ex decides to drop in my hallway at school a couple of times in the past few days. I thought I was doing well, moving on and what not... with him doing that, him looking at me and trying to gain my attention in the most dumbest ways (and with our mutual friends helping him!) I am pretty much almost back to square one.


Who does he think he is?! Hasn't he done enough damage to me? It's like a few cheap shots from him wasn't enough, and he decides to come back to hurt me some more.


I even had a dream last night of him, something that never happened for a couple of weeks until now. It's like he's wedging himself back into my conscious. And I hate this!


For now I have to change routes to avoid him even more in school, and it sucks because it's like he's winning and I'm losing. That I have to avoid him and he can just smirk and be all, "I knew I'm still affecting her."


I don't want this pain anymore. I was doing so well, and apparently he decides to screw my life even more. Why? Why is he doing this?!



Okay, rant over. I apologize for the ranting but I just needed to get that off my chest.

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Thanks guys! I know, he's a very... I don't know how to put this down delicately, but he's more or less an A-hole.


Why do exes need an ego boost for? I mean, I know his new girlfriend dumped him like 2 weeks ago, but still, he needs to not use me to make him feel better! It's absurd!

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