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Date 4---had a blast. Good signs?


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So had date 4 with younger guy(he's 21, I'm 24). We were being lame and couldn't think of anything better to do--so we finally decided on a DVD, I suggested my house(neither of us has been to the other's house before). So he came over--he liked my place and really liked my dog. We got coffee, I paid for his because he'd just taken me out the night before and bought me dinner/drinks, though he protested a little bit--not much he can do when I'm driving and at the drivethrough window. We go to blockbuster and pick out two old movies, one of my choice, one of his.


We go back to my house and watch the first movie. I order pizza because I hadn't eaten yet--he had though. I pay for it, which I should since I'm the hungry one! But he protests and insists on tipping the driver. He wants to hold my hand not far into the movie--which I think is sweet(up until this point, we'd had two very quick kisses at the end of dates 2 and 3, but that was it.). Somewhere over the course of the two movies(and part of a third movie I owned), we end up completely snuggled up, most of the time with me nestled under his arm or laying on his stomach. He kisses me a lot, but they're very sweet kisses, playful. I'm sure every girl has to wonder how a guy will behave during the first situation where you're alone together and not in a public place--I was pleasantly surprised that he was very well behaved--always playful but not "going for the goods". He actually seemed to enjoy biting me--on the arm, hands, which works because I too am a biter. I playfully told him to stay still because he was suppose to be my pillow--which he thought was funny and obliged. One of the movies(his choice, haha) had animated sex scenes, during which I covered his eyes to "shield him from the vulgargity"(I was playing, of course)--he fought me a little, but ultimately thought it was really funny. So he covered my eyes too, since I was the "lady".


We actually had a really good time and I felt completely comfortable with him--I should, I mean I spent the entire night sprawled on him using him as my pillow. I eventually let him leave at 3am, but I appreciated his restraint. He kissed and held me(and bit me!) a lot--but never intiated the "make out" kiss, as I call it; or the very intimate kiss that leads to all the handsy grabbing and base-rounding. Just about 100 very sweet, short kisses(and bites) on my face and hands, hugs and tickling. Again, I'm not trying to be a prude, but I've learned my lesson about "doing stuff" too early--I'm going to try and take my time with this one.


But I think it went very well. I thought it was cute that he wanted to hold my hand and hug me, kiss my cheek and call me "baby" as he was attempting to leave at 3am(I was very sleepily protesting the loss of my pillow!). Hope it continues to go well!


**In case anyone sees my other thread about the lovesick, near-obsessive guy--this is *not* him. That's a different guy who I'm not longer dating.**

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Sounds like a fun date and evening! The mindset I had after a great fourth date was that I hoped there would be a fifth date (or, if a fifth date was already planned, that we'd have fun on the fifth date too). At that early stage I trained myself not to let my mind go beyond one more date - a reality perspective not a negative perspective.


That's nice that he acted like a gentleman!

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