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First no sex, now his sisters puter is on his computer..


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](*,) I'm just gonna start off with !

How embarrassing this is, but I need to tell someone shes his step but they were raised since they were little kids.. He just came back from a road trip and a friend suggested i look at his laptop boy was she right, at first i didnt see anything just a couple partialy deleted porno files, no big deal 'right'? i almost gave up when OMG i expand this temp file & eww there she is with her all freakin hangin out & on his freakin computer, i checked the date it was 2 days prior.. Well ok, lets go back 1rst off i've been with this guy for a year 1/2, classic case of it started out perfect, we were always touching and holding each other everywhere we went.. There was never a time where we had alot of sex, but enough.. (By the waywere both in our early 20s) It was pretty obvious he wasnt too experienced or adventurous but he would get into it & get on top and sometimes i even got a little boob action, but after a couple months the affection stopped and when we would seldom do it i noticed he not only didnt get on top anymore he would lie with his hands under his head with his eyes closed like he was sleeping, At this point i'm the one whod inniciate it so id deal with it, if i would motion his hand at my boob hed turn over and be offended.. so this went on for a while like that, then a very close relative of his passed so it stopped totally, he wont even let me give him a blow job! he swears he wants to be with me and me him so ive just been dealing with it, now this though.. HELP

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One word: ew?

That is so not healthy. It sounds like he has issues he needs to deal with and being in the relationship with you isn't a good idea at the moment!

It doesn't sound like there is any emotion, closeness, trust or anything in your relationship. Get out is my advice!



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ewwww..... i would run away screaming.


yes, in addition to his wanting to be physical with you, it sounds like he has channeled his sexual feelings towards his SISTER! eww. even though they aren't blood relatives, the fact that they grew up together.... yeah. i would run away from this guy for good.



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I can only repeat what everyone on else here has said - check out before closing time, without leaving a forwarding address! It sounds as though you were doing most of the work anyway, and I'd be advising you to rethink the relationship even if there were nothing else to it.


'Now this though' takes it into another dimension - don't even contemplate trying to deal with it, just get out as quickly as you can.

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