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flipped out on guy ive never even met yet! did i ruin the chances?


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basically.. when i was away at school i met this guy who is a year older than me ..a sophomore in college online because he use to go to school. we found out a lot abput eachother and started talking on the hpone evrynight. we live about 10 minutes from eachother too! he was beginning to do sweet things like "goodmorning babe" or "we have so much in common its like its meant to be" . we were suppose to hangout last month when i was home yet he ended up cancelling on me. then he told me he does not want a relationship or anything. we talked about how his ex cheated on him and they recently broke up when we started talking. i never ever said antyhing about a relationship, yet all the things he was doing sounded interested. he blew me off a couple times after that. once night he called me and said you can come over. i was very confused. apparently he got a restricted phone call from a girl..which he thought was me.and it wasnt ...and the girl said she would do things sexually with him if she can come over. it was not me obviously, yet he wanted me to still come over. he ended up saying arrogantly that we could meet eachotehr eventually as friends because he does not want a relationship, just someone to "get with" as he said, yet i told him we have never even met! i contact him once in a while to say whatsup, but he totally ignores me now. i really want to get to know him and see where it goes fromthere, since i know what he wants. he was never an * * * * * * * until he was completely done with him girlfriend and got into the rebound needing stage. he was always so sweet on the phone, seriosuly amazing. but anyway, th other night i IMed him and said wow, whatever i did for you to just start ignoring me sorry..but um okay bye....and i TOTALLY REGRET IT! I WANNA MEET HIM SO BAD. i feel like we can be something even if its not a relationship.


if i contact him again is it too soon. can i say sorry or make up a story as to how i acted.



i dont want him to think im psycho

i dont want him to think im obsessive


i just want to be friends and get to know him as a person, what do i do or say to him to fix this? HELP PLEASE!!

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He's telling you what you need to know. He doesn't want a relationship. He wants to "get with" someone. He's blown you off more than once or twice. He's ignoring you and not kind anymore. You need to find someone you can like for how they DO behave...not for how they "were". You don't say anything positive about him in the present tense. Just "he used to..." "he was..."


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i think you should move on. this guy clearly isn't ready to be a boyfriend to you. i had a similar situation as you when i was in college. i met a guy online, we became friends, even hung out. but when it was time for us to go on our first 'real date' he never showed up! he later told me he got into a fight with his roommate. but i just wasn't interested anymore.


i think your guy just is telling you the truth - that he can't be a bf to anyone and he's just looking to play around. that's fine. i'd thank him for his honesty and move on.

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