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Girl at work trying to be...ME!

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Hi everyone hope you are all well!


I have a problem...


I have a girl at work imitating me. It's as if she has locked onto me and everything I do - she does. She started out with dark brown hair, and now she's dyed it bright blond like mine. Same length and style as mine. Then there was the photos at my desk - I've got one of my pets. She stuck one of her pets up. I ride horses - she's signed up at my same riding school. I get my nails done with colored tips - she rocks up with hers done in colored tips... Anyway the list goes on but she even talks like me sometimes. She's like a leech, and while everyone at work thinks it hilarious, I unfortunately, do not. What do I do without being a total * * * * * ?


Luv Kate xoxo

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? I'm not sure there's much you can do at this point. It's got to be annoying as heck for you (and kind of freaky!), but I'm not sure talking to her would produce any results. Hopefully she'll get over this soon. Resist the urge to backhand her, like I'd probably want to do

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It's hard to work up compassion for someone so annoying...however, this is clearly a very insecure person who doesn't know how to be herself or hasn't quite established her own identity yet. You might *gently* let her know that while it seems like she really admires you, that all the copying feels a little high-school-ish and you'd rather keep your work like professional.


Regardless of what you decide to *do* about it, remember she's probably very insecure and wants to be like you because she must think you are cool/fun/funny/have it all together. Even though it's not *your* problem that she doesn't have a full sense of self, your compassionate example could help her more than the other things she's been looking to you for.

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Thanks for the advice everyone!

My boyfriend said to take it as a compliment but I like to be different. I'm the funny, crazy one at work. I've been branded a storyteller - that's my thing cuz I always have a new story to tell, usually something disgusting, sexual or embarrassing. The other day she started spouting stories (made up I think) and nobody listened to her and she got the sh!ts up about it.

The other day I was so tired of having the same hair as her I got random chunks of dark brown in my blond (looks wicked) and that's all she's been talking about is getting the same thing.


If I have one thing going for me in life it's being *Different* and while I don't mind it if someone has the same shirt or bracelet etc than me, it's when they take my look and personality and try to make it their own... And do it all wrong... Yuck.


I think one me is quite enough for this small world!


You are all right that it is very highschool (happened to me there once too) but I don't know what to do or say to this girl that will make her stop without sounding totally up myself or like a complete b!tch.

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I have thought about wearing something feral at work to see if she copies - maybe quirk things up with some blue glitter eyeshadow or something! She copies other girls at work too I should add, but mostly myself. All us girls know about it and give each other hell for it, but I have been the most recent butt of jokes because of the new hair and nails and vocab she has going on etc etc..

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I think you could totally say something like you just said...."listen, it's kind of high-school-ish that you would dress the same or get the same hairstyle as me...there's only room for one of me in this little world!" Said with a smile, that's totally not * * * * * y. If that doesn't work, your next story at work should be about some girl who copied you all the time in High School and how it was so annoying and ruined your friendship.

Meanwhile, I'm totally going blonde tomorrow with brown streaks....just teasing

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God you're good Sav! I just didn't want to be an a-hole to her cuz that's not really what I'm about and she doesn't have many friends at work. I guess I feel a little sorry for her, but on the same token I don't need no mini me!

So say it in a joking way... That could work I think.


Hey do you wanna know something funny? The girl at work has the same forst name as the girl that copied me in highschool how coincedental is that! xx

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