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Hair color change = personality change?

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I am a dark dark brunette but I've always been fascinated by blonds.


For the first time in 25 years I colored my hair by taking the plunge by going blond!


Granted, its been a gradual process (otherwise it would turn orange) and I've been doing it for two months. The first two treatments were pretty light so it wasn't a big change and I got use to it within a matter of hours. I LOVED the new color.


I decided to go lighter and this time I am completely shocked at how light it has become. I am a true blond now. Even my hair dresser was shocked. And honestly, while the hair color is exactly what I pictured it being, seeing it in real life is kind of freaking me out. I've had a small identity crisis for the past couple of days. Sometimes I see myself in a reflective surface and don't recognize myself. Othertimes I think its some other blond chick. Sometimes I think it looks amazing, other times I hate it. Male reaction is also kind of freaking me out since guys don't approach me more, they just stare more.


On the one hand, I have more confidence when I go out and am actually enjoying playing with my hair (for the first time headbands look good on me!) and just getting into the mentality of blonds have more fun and having a ton more fun. On the other hand, I'm still freaked out, afraid it looks fake (even though 90% of the people love it) and tend to get really self conscious about it sometimes.


Anyone have similar experiences with a hair change?

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Whenever I have identity crisis' I change my hair. Usually I just change the cut because for the past few years I've had almost black hair and I love it this colour, but whenever I cut it (I usually get a drastic cut) I always feel weird for the first few weeks until I get used to it.

That being said, I don't think a hairstyle can really change your personality, however they can make you more/less outgoing depending on insecurities.

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Hair colour should not equal personality change. Hair is just hair. "Blonds have more fun" is just as cliché and untrue as "dumb blond". You are freaked out because going blond is a huge difference from being dark dark brunette...but remember that the difference is ONLY in the hair colour, not in who you are as a person. The increased fun and confidence you are having, you could also have had with your natural hair colour. The fact that you are having an identity crisis suggests that the real issues within you are not due to hair colour, but something in you that you can fix regardless of your hair colour. You will probably get used to the new hair colour over time but remember to be true to yourself..make changes because this is what you want, not because there is a certain "image" which is supposed to go along with hair colour.

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I understand what you mean by the color shock. I am a natural blonde but when I started dying my hair a dark aubrun-red, it just didn't feel like me at times.

I did get used to it over time, I think that I was just not used to change. I'm actually looking forward to do some more color work after we buy a house.

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Well, I kind of got the color change b/c I wanted the image that went along with it - i.e. have people expect me to be more fun which would encourage me to have more fun.



Why couldn't you have fun with brunette hair? I know lots of fun brunettes. As for the "blonds have more fun" cliché..that tends to be more about being ditzy and a bombshell, thus attracting men only looking for a good time (typically between the sheets). Certainly plenty of non-blond women have all kinds of fun. As I said before, the hair colour does not make the personality.

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I actually found that people took me more seriously with darker brown-red hair, so yes I'd say that people are more open to have fun with a blonde!

Not saying that I'm not having fun with darker hair, but their impression of you "changes". I needed to be taken more seriously and older as I want to compete for positions held by people in their thirties.

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My hair is naturally dark blonde, but I opted for the whole bleach thing last year so that it was bright, Barbie-blonde. I had a HUGE surge in confidence. I'm not sure if it had anything to do with the specific color or just the fact that it was a change (not to mention I did this right after a messy breakup), but either way, it's hard to complain about anything that boosts your confidence like that!

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Never experienced a personality chance when I change my hair. Some colors I think suit me better than others but I'm not a different person just because of the color. I've got to say I honestly don't think blonds have more fun. I'm naturally dark haired and when ever I've been blond nothing change and I did not have more fun just because of the hair color.

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