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Visitation - Good News!


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I just wanted to share because I'm excited. My ex-husband thinks it's a great idea that I have my daughter for a week over the summer. I'm happy he's so cooperative. Saves on attorney fees. Because the attorney is the one who suggested I ask for the additional time. I'm even entitled to more time she says but I'll gradually work it in. He did allow me 5 days over Christmas, that was the most I had her since I lost her. I'm just really glad and happy things are improving.


On a sidenote I have a phone interview for a part-time seasonal (summer) position. Just what I need while I'm not in school.

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Hi Jet - that is great news! Looks like things are falling into place for you now hun and you never know - extra days may just fall into place.


Good luck with the job too hun - I will keep everything crossed!



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