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what changes would you make?


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If you were to move far away and start a new life with your family (if you have one, otherwise by yourself) what would you resolve to do differently?


For me, the number one thing I would change moving into a new home is finding some way to hide all electrical chords. I gate to see or trip over them.


I would also start studying philosophy (alone in my living room) at least once a week instead of coming on ena.


And if my people would let me, I would paint the dining room walls yellow.

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I would have a clean, organized house (my family is full of packrats and our house is filthy). Everything would have a place and I would have a weekly routine of dusting, vacuuming, etc. but I wouldn't be obsessive.


I'd like to paint the walls cheerful, semi-bright colors and decorate it with a few beautiful photos and paintings of nature (sunsets, waterfalls, forests, etc.).


I would only buy the food I need for a week instead of storing junk that's years old..and I'd actually know what was in my refridgerator.


I would have my daily routines and be able to wake up earlier because I wouldn't have all the noise at night and during the early morning to make me sleep in. I'd have the bathroom to myself and wouldn't be tempted by bad foods. I'd get some exercise equipment and work out in my living room, in front of the TV.


I would cook new dishes each night and invite friends over for dinner.


Some other changes: I wouldn't let people get all worked up and spazzed out in my house. I would ask my grandma to leave if she went into her tizzy fit mode, and my sister would not be able to let her daughter spill coffee everywhere like she does here already. I would not tolerate my niece's temper tantrums and I would have my nephew over more often. My sister would not be able to yell in my house and I would not allow the pets to scrape their butts accross the rug like they do here!


I want my home to be relaxing and comfortable, not high strung, cluttered, and catastrophic. Yes, if I ever find another 'real' job, I will have a more balanced, healthier life. But for now, I'm just happy I have a place to live because it's all I got right now so I have to be thankful!

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Take up boxing. Learn how to shoot a gun. Learn the language of the country I'm in. Develop my career. Become a good cook. Finish my novel. Meditate more. Study the martial arts of the east.


I've cheated; I'm moving to a new country in August, and will move to another new one the following year, then another in the year after that. All of these things are on the agenda.

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Oh I fantasize about moving into a new place all the time. Not so much about going far away though. (Although Paris/Europe does sound somewhat tempting as an experience).




Definitly keep a tidier more organized house, where all the damages get tackled and fixed right away (whether it's a burnt bulb, mold or water damage). Just makes living so much easier and comfier. My family is a bit of a packrat too who leaves most of the chores up to me (aside from cooking). Me, I'd rather throw all the junk out and live clutter free!! Just the thought makes me happy.


I'd decorate my house really modern and contemporary with lots of black and white furniture. Maybe a red wall or lime green accents.. Modern light fixtures. Like it was straight out of a magazine.


Wake up earlier. Go to bed earlier.


Definitly have myself a dresser table (maybe even a whole room *sigh*) with a walk in closer for clothes and shoes...


Find a job I really love.


Learn to cook(!) and then learn to try new recipes all the time. I'd like to be the next Racheal Ray when it comes to the kitchen..


Save more money and budget more.


Invite people over and get more social. Maybe host parties/dinners.. something I've never done.


Make a theatre room. Complete with reclining leather chairs, and pop corn machine.


Get a tiny Yorkshirt Terrier. We've never been allowed to keep pets here.


Be on the internet way less and live more. Something I'm trying to do more of now.


Maybe take up some new sport like golf.



These are all "silly" stuff to some.. but I'd be moving away alone. When I get a family my priorities will probably change.

For now I actualy want all this stuff to happen over the next years.

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I'd buy my own little kiosk in a library or medical building and serve my own creations. With a mortgage and the rest of the monthly bills managing the down payment or perfect location is almost near impossible.


I'd also make it top priority to touch Bruce's butt

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I would move to a cave under a big mansion and turn it into a batcave, complete with a batsuit, batmobile and enough tools to fight crime under anonymity for the rest of my days.....




Seriously, I have done the "big move" once before and it was like a fresh start for me. Nobody knew me over here so I could start with a clean slate. I lived in a more organised fashion, cleaned regularly, kept things tidy, started cooking more and also took part in all kinds of things I wouldn't normally have done.


I learnt to appreciate my own company but embraced the psychological boost of it being a fresh start more than anything else. That alone gave me the urge to go out there and make my life better than it was, and more fulfilling.

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I never had a real opportunity to move (minus the tiny apartment I like in right now which was supposed to be temporary *ahem*) so I guess I have a bit of a "list":


- Not look for day care at the last minute.


- Invest in a closet organizer system like they have at IKEA. A walk-in closet system or nice cabinetry system would be ideal but I'll keep it realistic.


- Make sure that the place I move in has a large kitchen (get that organized too). I love to try new recipes and cook. Our current place is terrible for that.


- Have a "me" room for meditation, exercise, relaxing, reading or whatever.


- Finally paint and furnish my apartment/home like I want, this has been driving me insane.


- Learn about the new culture, language, food, learn to cook with the "local produce" etc...


- Learn to work less, and enjoy life a bit more.


- Spend on the big things I really want versus a bunch of "impulse crap" like magazine, candies etc...


- Get rid of clutter before moving. ex: Old college books, old clothes or things that don't bring any value to us.



When are you moving?? ;O

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I want so many things you guys do! Dresser table, walk-in closet, exercise and meditation room, large kitchen, shooting guns, golf ... These are all awesome.


My favorite is going to bed and waking up earlier. I would love to evolve to the point where I could wake up early enough to do pilates, then have coffee and breakfast while reading the news. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that's a long way off.

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