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I'm a little bummed today

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As some as you may know from my previous posts, I was casually involved with a co-worker a few months back. Most of the time I am OK about it, but I still have my moments when it gets me down. After all, it's hard getting over the object of your affection when you are stuck seeing him every day. He's kind to me; I'm kind to him back, but it still sucks.


The funny thing is, I don't even think I'd want him if I was actually with him. He's a very good man in many ways, however I know he drinks a lot and suspect he gambles too much, both things I find highly troubling. Why is it that we only want what we can't have? And then we don't even want it once we get it?


I know he's dating someone now and I guess it makes me sad that I am not. I do meet people, but it seems like I haven't met anyone really appropriate. Heck, I just haven't met anyone who "does it" for me, I guess. Sometimes I wonder if there's something wrong with me. I meet these attractive men who come on to me, but I feel nothing. I guess this co-worker was the first man I felt a true attraction for in a LONG time. I mean years here. You know that overwhelming lust? Like when you were a kid? The kind where you feel like you get an electric shock everytime they walk in the room?


I know he is not the right person for me and that he would not make me happy even if I was with him, but I so wish I could feel the way he made me feel for someone else. I'm trying to buck myself up. Just writing this is making me feel better, but I still have this irrational fear that I am going to spend the rest of my life alone. I'm still super young (33), but I'm at this point in my life where I just want to find someone to grow old with. I want someone to care for who'll take care of me back. Why is this making me so wistful and sad today?

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Hi i read your post and i thought i would share some of my thoughts. First of all its quite normal to have withdrawal symptoms from a relationship. It is just natural after all we himans have powerful emotions.


From your post i feel you are having a self-esteem issues. Exercising helps release endomorphions which are the hormones which make us feel happy. Why not join a gym and exercise , benefit of health and self esteem.


YOU are not going to live your life alone , you are young and after all you did meet your ex. Just a matter of time before you run into someone special. just get off your butt and start working on yourself rather than feeling sorry .


YOU CAN DO IT !!! only thing stopping you is your mind. I am sure you are a great gal. Also remember we send signals to people by our body language, so if you are feeling down you are sending prospective new boyfriends in the wrong direction.


Now look in the mirror and tell yourself enough is enough ..i am going to do it that is improve myself.

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Thank you, that was very sweet. I am actually beginning lifestyle changes like exercising and eating healthier. I've had such a hectic, stressful life the past few months that I haven't exercised regularly or eaten very well since maybe January. I notice it makes a HUGE difference in my general happiness and my ability to tolerate stress.

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