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Leaving for two months.


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My boyfriend and I are in college. We hang out everyday and almost always spend the night together. This summer I will be going home (about two hours away) and we'll only be able to see eachother on weekends if that.

Here's my issue, I just found out today that he's leaving tomorrow for a couple days and I'm leaving on Sunday for the summer (meaning we only get to spend about half of tomorrow together then we're apart for the summer). Is it wrong of me to be hurt by this. I thought we would have a whole day tomorrow and some of Sunday to spend and maybe go out to dinner or something but now he's leaving tomorrow and has shown no interest in making our last day together any different from an average day.

Does he just not realize how hard this summer is going to be? Does he not really care? I just want to know why he is acting like this is going to be a cake walk.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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