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Should I say bye -bye to this guy?


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I really like him. Weve gone out 4 times so far. When we are together he says and does the sweetest things that make my heart melt. But then afterward he wont contact me at all for like 3-4 days.


I havent heard from him in 5 days since the last time we met. He called me his "girl" and said some really sweet stuff to me. But then nothing, not even a text for 5 days now. Even if he does contact me at this point, I feel like a total idiot if I actually see him again...


What do you think? Is it time to say goodbye and just let him go? Maybe it would be best to ignore his next phone call?

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Give him a shot. If he is anything like me, he is probably just scared or he really like you and wants to take things slow.


With me and the cashier at my work, when we are planning to go somewhere we will txt each other like crazy and have these txt convos and after we go we don't hear from each other until the next time we see each other from work.

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I would say he is just going slowly....remember we can look like we are coming on too strong even when not intended so he is probably conscious of this.


I would be the exact same way as the guy you described towards a girl I liked but on the same token, wouldn't want to rush things.

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