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How often do you talk?

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How often do you and your other talk a day over phone and text?


This is my first LDR and not sure what "normal" is. My gf and I used to talk all day non-stop but after 2 months, it has shrunk to over a couple hours a day (total time of 30 minutes of talking maybe?). Is there any way to jump the conversation back up? I work 30 minutes a day (gotta love salary); she just graduated college and working at a summer job so nothing is really exciting between us. It's pretty lame to be honest so it's hard to find things to talk about. Suggestions? Anyone?

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this is the 3rd time me and mine are doing the LDR thing, and as we've grown more secure in our relationship, the need for contact has lessened. bare minimum is a quick daily 'hi, I love you!' email/msn message. more, is talking about your day/her day, watch a movie at the same time, or play online games together. exciting things just don't happen every single day.


don't worry about what is 'normal', just go with what feels right. however much contact you and her require to be content.

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My boyfriend is seriously the last man on the planet without a cell phone! Honestly. He's 5 years older than me (31), and never wanted one. Always had a house phone, and always readily near it (on the PC often for school/work/Warcraft) and able to pick up.. so I've grown accustomed to his cheap ass.


We talk at least once a day. At most twice (morning, night). If a day goes by without a phonecall, I know it's fine because I can usually catch him online posting at similar forums we are on (not this one, heh), or on Warcraft. One reason he wanted me to get involved with that game- so we can play together. It's another form of communication I believe.


But yeah.. if it was every 3 days or more I wouldn't hear from him, I'd get a bit annoyed from worrying what the heck was going on. So once a day is fine for me. Even if the convos aren't hours long, it's nice to briefly catch up and see how their day was.

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