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5 Signs of A Strong Friendship – Spotting A True Friend

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Okay, ever since last year, I've been good friends with this girl. We've been very close ever since we met, and have found that we have a lot in common with one another. And she was just such a good friend. She was always willing to help me out with writing projects (she's an amazing English student), drama (we're both students in theatre class), and all sorts of other things.


Well, in January, come second semester, we end up being in the same theatre class. Out of the six scenes we've done in the class, we've been together in four of them, and we both have a blast whenever we're working with one another. It's then that I realize that I have more than an admiration and a feeling of deep friendship with her. I realize that I love her.


Now, I thought I'd been in love before, but...well, it may sound cliche, but I guess I never knew what love felt like before I was actually in love. However, at that time, she had a boyfriend, so I knew I wouldn't be able to do anything.


So, come March, I come to realize she's transferring to another school next year. Well, it was about this time that I realize she's also had a really messy breakup with said boyfriend, and is very touchy. So, there's one part of me screaming to confess my love, while the other is telling me not to--not only would she probably reject me, but I may also lose her as a friend.


So, here it is, May, two weeks before school lets out. Time is running out for me to confess my feelings or just leave it as is and let the feelings just sit quietly in my heart.


What should I do? Should I tell her that I love her and risk our friendship? Or should I refrain from doing so and risk never being able to confess my feelings for her?


Any advice would be much loved.




(For the record, she has told me that she's bisexual.)

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What I do not understand - why if you choose not to confess you are losing your chance to confess ever? If you will be friends, it involves seeing each other and keeping in touch, why do you think you will lose opportunity to confess? Confessing could be different. You could just say "I love you" befor she goes and that would be true for you and may be it is not necessary for her to know what you really mean by this? Love is love. I think that if in the very beginning when you realized that you are in love you've decided to be silent about it, then it is your path... By the way I know how you feel... I did confess, when i was "in love"...now 8 months after I am not sure that I did the right thing then.

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i don't think you should tell her, you should probably try to lead to something, before you let all of your feelings out there.

try to make a move on her, or better yet look for the signs that shes in love with you also


does she get jelouse when you hang out with other people besides her?

does she look at you like she loves you?

you should start to notice the way she acts towards you, before you say something like that


although you guys are going to different schools, doesnt mean you cant still see eachother.

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Alright. I've kind of been in the same situation over the past year so I'll just tell you what I ended up doing, or not doing and let you decide your course from there.


I made good friends with a girl I played a sport with. I pretty much fell 'in love' with her before I knew she was even bisexual. We met up a few times for coffee and talked, hung out a few times. At the beginning of the school year she had a BF and a month in, they broke up. She was ALWAYS on my mind. I just kept getting closer to her. In January one night when we were hanging out I should have made a move. I could have. I saw hints that lead to the conclusion of a mutual attraction. but I was scared and didn't. School is now out, she's got another boyfriend and I really don't regret that nothing happened between us because I realized after she got her new BF I wasn't too jealous, shocked that she's going out with this guy, but I rather be friends with her. I think things wouldn't have lasted too long an I realize now that most of it was more of a physical attraction than anything.


So I would try and visualize a possible relationship with this girl and I mean really think things through especially since she's transferring. Write down what about this girl attracts you to her. and if you think it's worth it, go for it. If you feel telling her about your feelings is something you HAVE to do, you don't, but do it if you think it's right. If she's a true friend you two will work things out even if it doesn't lead to anything. And looking for hints to see if she likes you, bring up small conversations about what type of person she's attracted to, or even bisexuality and get her thoughts.


Hope that helps a bit.

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