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Need some advice pleeeese help me


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there is this girl i like and yesterday i got to walk home. Well, she's not the hottest girl in the world but she is decent and funny and cool to hang out with.


I mean I can stand to be around her. Anyway she's my really good friends ex and i want to know how long I should wait to ask her out.


I think she kind of likes me but I'm not sure.


Anyway, yesterday when we were walkin home she kind of played this flirty game with me she asked me if i like one of her friends and i said no; we also talked about what kind of food we can make.


That she wanted a car and she said that me and her could go ridin around or she actually said the so the short people can go ridin around. cause were both short. I mean i dropped hints to her ex that ive liked her. I was thinkin should i walk home with her again and how should i approach her. I REALLY LIKE THIS GIRL ALOT. BUT HER EX IS MY VERY GOOD FRIENED.

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It sounds like your gut feeling is telling you the truth as to what is right or wrong. I think you should look into what your heart says and follow that. It sounds to me that you know that it is not a good idea to go with her if she is your friends ex. Is a shot at this relationship worth possibly loosing a friendship over?? I think that you should try to not think about being with her. It would get too much in the way of your friendship. If you are really set on being with this girl, then at least talk to your friend about how he would feel. If you get a negative vibe or response then I would steer clear of it. If it honestly sounds like he doesnt care one way or the other, then give it a shot and see what happens. But really, be prepared that things may not work out with you and your friend. That is possibly the one ground that you do not walk on with friends. Be careful.

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Mermayd gave some pretty good advice there.


But my views do differ a little. She is ultimately your friend's EX. Their past should be over and done with by now. What you can do is to sound him out. Let him know that you are interested in this girl. If I am in his shoes, I would not mind at all. Unless, he still harbours some feelings for this girl. That's why I think it is wise to converse with him first.


Be brave. Go out and get what you deserve. Good luck!

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