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2 weeks too early to show symptoms?


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quick question


May 1st I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. My last period started on April 14, and so according to my calculations I have made, I was ovulating during the time.


my question is, is 2 weeks too early for me to start feeling symptoms?


my period is due today, but I woke up feeling sick, and it went away... but then this afternoon out of nowhere I felt sick to my stomach, exausted, and just "different" I still feel that way now. (not my normal PMS symptoms)


I'm afraid it is my mind going into overdrive... so I am just curious if two weeks is long enough?


thank you much

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lavenderdove is correct.


10 days after ovulation is usually enough for a sensitive pregnancy test to pick up a positive - check the test's sensitivity before buying - it should be at max: 25 mIU/ml.


My girlfriend has very irregular periods. Once we got worried over a way too long period: it lasted 47 days. I believe that anxiety will delay menstruation and trigger weird symptoms - the human brain is amazing when it comes to female hormones.


My girlfriend started to feel "weird different" types of pain, her breasts were swollen "but not in the usual way", and even when her period finally came, the discharge was totally different from what she had ever seen before.


So.. now you know.. it is possible to be 19 days late, and not pregnant. I suggest you take a pregnancy test every week starting today - this will leave you more relaxed and accelerate your period. Good luck.

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