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Feelings dissapeared


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I met this girl Amy the other weekend, and until now i really liked her. Everything was going alright, we are dating not going out.


Sophie who i had thing with a while back and a much complicated past havnt spoken in the past two weeks, we wasnt on each others good terms.

I think she got jealous when my friend mentioned Amy in front of her as she took me off bebo/facebook and acted hostile towards me.


Tonight, me and Sophie spoke, sorted out things. Gonna try to work things out and become friends and back each other up from now on in the place we go to.

She asked her mother to take me home and as soon as i got out i have began to think.


Everything i felt for Amy went through the window. Im trying to think what to do. Im trying to feel something for her and i dont. Im gonna sleep on it tonight and hope things will be sorted.


But what do i do if they aint? Im supposed to be going out saturday with her =/

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