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how do i go about this problem with my SO??


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my partner of 2 months who ive just recently become intimiate with had been acting very different over the past few days. I mean really different. There was abosolutely no affection or anything. Not physically or by words.


He said he'd been feeling a bit off lately.


I spoke to him online today and asked if everything was ok and he asked what i meant. At the time i couldnt be that bothered so said never mind. He kept saying go on - so i did - and said that he's a bit different.


He said that he is a bit as he has a 'physical condition' that makes him feel horrible and gets him down.


okay - not what i was thinking! I didn't know what to say with out prying for details. He said that its embrassing. And kept saying more things wihtout saying what it was.. i wasn't sure what to say.


He told me what it was. Im not sure on the details apart from he's had it for many years. and that i can be painful and limit things he can do.


While we were talking about it, he said the doctors dont know what it is. I mentioned about a 2nd opinion. i really wasn't sure what to say. I started to mention about something i had with one doctor who brushed off what i had and another found what was wrong straight away - but was cut off half way through with 'i really dont want to hear this'. He used the word "scared".

i know it would be tough and i could never understand it - but after this many years, wouldn't you become somewhat 'used to it'. in a weird way.


Im just not sure what to do. Do i give him some space? let him work it out. Ive said im here if he needs anything. He did say that he hasn't told anyone else - only his mom and doctor know - so i guess he must have some trust in me to tell me right?


Just over the last few days, its been very bizare. very short. just odd feeling.


what do you do if your SO has a health problem that comes nd goes and their in 'pain'. ??


i dont want to 'crowd' him - even tho i only see him once a week - is backing off the best thing?


i usually see him friday or a saturday night. ive seen him one of those nights every week for about 2 months straight - so it will be odd if we dont this weekend - its the only day we see each other.



im more concerned about him. i just dont know what to do. i guess its good that he's 'opened up' to me about it, but not sure how to act.

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Well i would see him this weekend, just try to comfort him but not too much he must not feel you are sympathizing with him.


Try to get his mind of it, by like watching a movie, where you are together but there is not to much talking.


He obviously needs company and comfort but only the silent type. Do not try to talk about his problem just try getting his mind of it.

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