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Im so stressed! I cant take it!! I've been getting migraines from being so stressed!

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Sorry if this turns out to be more a vent. I just have so much on my mind!


1. I dance a LOT and this weekend is my recital...so this is rehersal week. 3 or 4 of 6+ hour rehersals.... and I'm still not confident... Im so nervous. And my instructor has been working me like crazy.


2. I have exams in Algebra 2 this week. Its awful I'm soooo worried I'm going to fail.


3. Its so hard trying to manage Dance, Church, Soccer, Work, School, Family, Keeping my 4.0 GPA, and trying to have a social life!!


4. Im so confused emotionally on who I do or don't like!


5. I'm going through a rough end to a friendship with one of my friends...


6. I miss my Dad. He's full-time active duty in the Army National guard. Hes gone a lot... last month I saw him 4 days. I know it could be worse...but I still miss him.


7. Soccer tournaments are coming up.


8. One of my best friends is having surgery tomorrow.


9. My sister is CONSTANTLY arguing with me...it just adds to the stress.


sorry for the rant...any words of advice is greatly appreciated!!

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I have to stay positive that the stress will go away. Its just soo hard to stay positive...when I feel like giving up on trying to manage things. Its just so much...but I cant drop anything....and to make matters worse...I'm starting a couple college classes soon...while managing everything else in my life that I'm already having trouble with.

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Keep Your Sanity And Manage Holiday...
Keep Your Sanity And Manage Holiday Stress


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