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Realized today

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That at one point my ex really did love me. It's healing to realize that, granted he's moved on now but I'm at peace because his love of me is what sabatoged our relationship. I finally see what part I played in the demise besides being the instigator of the divorce. And sure as heck beats thinking he didn't care at all.


Met with the lawyer today and although I'm unlikely to get custody without him deciding to hand her over to me, I am entitled to more visitation. I'm trying to work through him first, but if necessary I'll involve the courts, he's usually cooperative about allowing visitation it's his parents who may have more to say about it. She said the hard part is proving that there's a reason to remove her from her current home. I did tell her about the neglectful things my daughter shared with me, the lawyer didn't think it was enough, she thought the time left home alone was age appropriate (under 5 minutes) for example. But she did calm my nerves about them trying to take her or something. If anything I now know where I can get a good lawyer if I ever need one again.

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