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ASAP need advice

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How To Tell Someone You Like Them (Without Screwing Up)

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okay, so where do i start

me and my girlfriend go to different skools

and one of her friends just recently called me and wants me to do my best to get her to go to prom but her friend will most likely have a date and we know it will be rly uncomfortable for my girlfriend she wants me to go but idk


i rly would love to go and buy our tickets and totally surprise her seeing as the weekend before prom is kinda an anniversery for us


one problem is is that when we first started dating we had both gotten outta bad relationships and had both been rly hurt and it gave us a kinda common ground to build what we both feel to be the most important and serious relationship of our lives


but im not sure yet cuz i havent rly talked to her but im pretty sure her ex will be there and to cut a long story short he rly hurt her physically and emotionally and he still continues to do so more emotionally now but she's done everything she can to stop it but the only thing left is letting me step in but its something she doesnt want me to have to get involved in


and if he is there i know he's dyin to "meet" me and i'd love to "meet" him bcuz ive gotta few choice words lol


but i rly love her and shes made it very important that she doesnt want me to get involved




i dont usually use these forum kinda things but my absolute best friend is also hers and she tends to take even the smallest thing i say these days twist it up to make it seem like shes got it all figured out and spread rumors to make her own life more interestin so i got nobody to rly ask about this



so any1 got sum kinda advice


should i go thru with the prom idea and what if her ex is there he was very abusive and controlling and fought alot of ppl for just lookin at her im not scared of the guy one bit but i know things could turn into the one thing i promised her i wouldnt get involved in

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1. You should ignore the ex. He's not part of your relationship and he shouldnt matter. If he is still inflicting emotional damage on your gf, she might not be over him yet. Ignoring people is very powerful, it's a slap in the face. Much worse than trying to get all defensive for your girlfriend.

2. If you're not sure about prom, you should go ahead and ask her what she wants. Surprise her with something else, instead.


So if you do plan on going, ignore the ex, and have a great time. Thats what prom is about.

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i know shes over him the emotional pain comes from the fact that he rubs the fact that she let him make her do things she wasnt ready to do back then and he rubs it in her face


i know if i ignored him it would create drama and i dont wanna ruin her prom with drama but i dont wanna make her not go either

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