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collarme.com? hows it any good?


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i have come accross several people i know who are members on link removed

a lot of them found a relationship partner on there and i know one who has been with the person they met on there for over 2 years now..


but i just dont get it. i went there, and it seems to be about sex...i'm not quite sure i like the idea of being referred to as someones *slave* or whatever.


enlighten me...how can anything serious come from this site? if its only about sex...how do some of these people get into loving and long relationships w/ people they meet off there?


do you think people on there could really actually want something serious...like a committed relationship w/ possibility of marriage...or is it just all about sex and games until they're tired of you?

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Hey, I know I want a relationship that is committed...however, people often like to pretend like sexuality can be overlooked in loving relationships.


It can't.


For what would a valuable relationship be without sex, but a valuable friendship? it just doesn't work...you ever wonder why some say "oh, he's cute, but I'd never date him" or "she's too much of a good girl", well that was probably because he/she's lacking sexuality!


so while I don't think BDSM is something to base a relationship around (I don't even know why people are into it...but hey, to each their own), I can see why some get so attached, because hey, when the sex is great, everything else tastes a bit sweeter.

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collarme is an adult-oriented site....specifically BDSM, so, yeah, there are going to be a good portion of people on there who are looking for only (kinky) sex or kinky activities.


There are also folks on there looking for something more than that.


As I recall, there's also a message board portion of that site. I have a membership, but haven't used it in years. My primary motivation for being on the site was to sell floggers & flogger bags I was making as a hobby at the time. Many of the people I know from the local BDSM community have accounts on there, as well.


Like any BDSM site, there are a mix of people who are curious, people who've only done "online" BDSM, married people looking for a bit on the side, people who are experienced, out and active in their offline local community, people who are there in hopes of meeting their ideal Dom/me or submissive, and people who are there for other non-nefarious reasons (like to participate in message board discussions and sell their crafted kinky items.)


I met my husband on a similar site -- it had a BDSM porn component, but also had the message board/discussion section as well.


If you're not interested in a relationship that incorporates BDSM, you're probably wasting your time looking for a partner there.

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...oh, one other thought.


It's not like every member on any non-kinky dating site is looking for a serious relationship, either.


Even at the mainstream "name brand" dating sites, there'll be a portion of that membership that's just looking for sex or is married/in a relationship and looking for something on the side, as well as those who are genuinely seeking a serious relationship.


In those respects, it's not all that much different from meeting someone in real life, either.


At the end of the day, people are still going to behave like they do...no matter if their slinky's kinked or not.

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