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What are my options at the point?


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So while at work one day I met this really sweet cool outgoing girl. She gave me her number then we just hit it off. Things are good between us I mean we hang out and spend time together every weekend. We both like each other. That has already been established. The only thing that sucks is she will be leaving soon. Basically I live on the east coast and she lives on the west coast of the U.S. We both agreed that starting something would be pointless and she dose not want develop stronger feeling for someone when she will be leaving soon but now that agreement that we made is totally killing me. I love spending time with her and to be around her but just thinking and knowing that she will be leaving is making me upset in a way. A long distance relationship would be out of the question since even by plane she is 4 hrs away and going back for more school in the fall.


Don't you guys just hate when a situation like that occurs. When in a way you are just helpless and can't do anything about it. All I can really do is enjoy the time that I have left to spend with her. It just hurts me a little because this girl is everything that I was every looking for. Eventually I will probably get over it but I think its gone take some time to forget someone as amazing as her.


Personally I don't think I can do anything but to be her friend and just spend that rest of the time while she is still on the east coast before she actually goes back home.

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